Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fundraising call: for creation of a Contemporary Arts Centre in DRCongo “Quoi de Neuf!” or “What is new!”

Dear art lover,

We are pleased to inform you that we are planning to open a contemporary art centre in Kinshasa the capital of DRCongo in 2011. The center will have cultural exchange programme by international and local artists as well as an education programme in terms of free short courses programme with major focus in Contemporary art with local talented youth from the age of 12 to 35 year old. In addition we will be focusing also in addressing to the youth and the attending audience with conferences and short term workshop in Multimediations programme and public art intervention, as part of the Contemporary art programme. As to foster the Congolese culture with its increasing range of talents, we also planned on working hand in hand with the theatre area as well as movie maker young talents.

The DRCongo as one of the biggest African country rich in mineral resources and cultural diversities, strategically occupies a geopolitical position that could easily influenced the development of the central Africa, thus culturally, paradoxically has remained the poorest in modern infrastructure and education. After many years of political and economic war in the Eastern part of the country, the DRCongo is getting built today. Although, we believe that by empowering Congolese youth with skill training and good art education programme, we as art professional are compelled in promoting the Contemporary art future of the region.

We are already managing of getting a physical address in the hub of the city where the Center will be located, which is about ten minutes to downtown. The center will have few rooms for guest artists in residency, a small library, a coffee shop, offices and a medium hall for conferences and events.

We would really appreciate, please to have your support by donating any relevant material such as a computer, projector, art books or magazines, arts materials… by emailing or calling the number bellow.

We really thank you in advance for your support by contributing to the education of our youth!


Steve Bandoma: +27 (0) 76 86 684 26, infoquoideneuf@gmail.com , Cape Town
PO Box: 1359, Cape Town post office Cape Town